Your trusted colleagues

We are not consultants. We are not a recruitment agency.

We are a delivery organisation focused on procurement results and quality outcomes.

We employ the best people in the procurement industry, all of which we have pre-qualified under rigorous assessment; all having an established track record of delivering first-class results for demanding customers.

They are a combination of part-time and full-time specialists to support your needs which means that, if you need someone co-located with you full-time, we can provide it, OR, if you don’t, we can offer fixed prices at unbeatable value by running activities through our team remotely.

As well as an experienced full-time core team, we use a large pre-assessed network of part-time staff. These range from analysts and administrators through to Procurement Managers, Category Managers and CPOs. Offering work through a wider group of specialists off-site means that we can beat the cost of any interim assignment and access a wider pool of first class people.

Our dedicated management structure guarantees consistency and performance.

This also means that we are able to react to smaller, urgent requirements as well as big projects.


Working with you

We will take responsibility for the completion of all objectives and you pay us in stages, once you are satisfied that the agreed deliverables have been met.

All stakeholder engagement will happen seamlessly and any meetings required will be attended by a consistent nominated lead, as you would typically expect.

We don’t expect you to interview your support team (unless you want to) but we can arrange for key members of the team to meet you and to summarise their key experience and competencies.

Removing interviews from this stage of the process helps us to save time and money. Having our own team of experienced managers helps us to ensure that tasks are competed to an exceptional standard.

You will always have a single nominated lead whom will represent your company, use your IT systems/equipment where needed and go through any necessary clearances.

It dawned on me when speaking to the team at PoD...I wouldn’t dream of paying my builder at home for how long it took him to build my extension, I’d pay him a fixed price against an agreed outcome or spec to give me price certainty and to avoid being exploited. So why was I paying procurement agencies and interims that way?
— Global Sourcing Director, Pharmaceuticals
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