A fresh approach to providing procurement services

Our exceptional team will deliver procurement services and assignments for you, on demand.

Large or small, simple or complex. Full-time or part-time. On-site or off-site. 

We're a procurement Support Services business. We're not Consultants and we're not a Recruitment Agency.

We're your procurement colleagues and we're here to help.




Our People

We provide instant access to a pre-qualified team, hand-picked from the very best of the profession, at all job levels.

We have CPOs and Heads Of Procurement who rigorously pre-screen, assess and interview all members of our team. We don’t just place interims and leave them to it. We’ll ensure that our team performs.

Whoever leads your assignment will also have access to a wide support team of functional experts off-site.


Our Model

Members of our team will co-locate with you where this works best; but we can also deliver some tasks remotely to save time and money.

Managing work efficiently through an agile team means that we will always beat the cost of traditional interim procurement services and deliver results for you much faster. 

IR 35 will not apply to work under our delivery model and we will unconditionally underwrite any IR35 risk for you (in both the public & private sector). We can help you with continuity of existing resources where this is important to you.


Our Price

As usual we can charge for time but, if you wish, instead of day rates, we’re happy to charge you a more competitive fixed price against guaranteed, high-quality outcomes; not for hours worked at your risk.

We don’t want to sell you a computer system or a new operating model. We want to sell you results.

Those results will be delivered by excellent people with a great track record and a solid reputation in the procurement world.


Better performance, better relationships, lower costs


Find out about our organisation, our methods, and the results of our work.

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