Sometimes it's necessary to supplement your team by bringing in additional dedicated individuals to sit within your organisation as interims, on your premises, paid on a time-bound basis.

We understand that.

Stakeholders, clearances and business complexity are all common reasons why we do this when someone leaves, or the business has a new requirement.

If this is important, we can ensure that you get that type of service, using a broad range of pre-approved high-calibre interims.

But let us also challenge some of the myths and legends. Often we can present an alternative delivery solution alongside this.

A high quality, cost-effective alternative with an exceptional focus on your stakeholder group.

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There's nothing wrong with tradition. Hiring interims and using consultants is commonplace. If paying day rates for high quality people is what you need, for all the right reasons, we can provide this.

But we will always offer you an alternative experience as well. Our profession is advancing, our attitudes are broadening and our workforce is becoming ultra-mobile. Let's lead the way.

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The future of bought-in procurement support services will be based around fixed prices for quality outcomes, not day rates.

If your urgent procurement needs can be defined into tasks or objectives, rather than being linked to a single person, these can be completed quicker using a vast pool of talented, qualified professionals under our experienced management and your direction.

We were sure that we needed a dedicated interim, until we talked to the team at PoD. They gave us a fixed price to deliver the work, a nominated project lead who was given our IT equipment and we paid them against outcomes. They were fantastic with our stakeholders and everything worked seamlessly
— CPO, Aerospace Industry